SwedenBIO välkomnar Alexandra Hoegberg som director of communications och Sebastian Blomstrand som digital communications officer

Svensk LIfe Science växer snabbt och som branschorganisation är det viktigt för SwedenBIO att stödja tillväxten genom att kommunicera industrins prioirteringar. Därför växer även Sweden Bio med Alexandra Hoegberg som director of communications och Sebastian Blomstrand som digital communications officer.

Alexandra Hoegberg och Sebastian Blomstrand

Alexandra Hoegberg, Director of Communications, and Sebastian Blomstrand, Digital Communications Officer at SwedenBIO

“In Alexandra, we get an experienced director of communications to the team, whose background in life science combined with an international career as a journalist will be valuable for how we continue to develop SwedenBIO. We have previously worked with Sebastian to digitalize and renew the communications offering towards the members, for example by setting up a podcast studio. It’s great to be able to bring in Sebastian full time, together with Alexandra ”, says Helena Strigård, CEO at SwedenBIO.

Alexandra Hoegberg was most recently head of global communications at the WHO Collaborating Center for International Drug Monitoring: Uppsala Monitoring Centre. Previously, she worked at the content agency JG Communications and as a forum editor and journalist at Reuters News Agency in Hong Kong. She holds a Master of Journalism from The University of Hong Kong and studied languages in China and Germany as an undergrad.

“The information landscape around SwedenBIO is highly dynamic, and the task at hand will be to further develop the work of capturing and disseminating relevant topics that emerge in the life science industry, and to create rewarding collaborations with member companies of all sizes and with widely differing communication needs. Of course, all communication work will be permeated by an ambition to raise SwedenBIO’s profile as the beating heart of the industry in terms of networking, knowledge exchange, and shaping policy and public opinion,” says Alexandra Hoegberg.

Sebastian Blomstrand has recently finished an internship at the bank DNB, where he worked in their TV studio, with LinkedIn, and with internal communications. Prior to that, in parallel to his studies at Mediainstitutet in Stockholm, he worked part-time at SwedenBIO where his background as a copywriter contributed to raising the industry’s visibility in social media.

“The Swedish life science sector is growing fast, as does the need for communication from SwedenBIO. As Sweden’s industry organization for life science, it is important that we are alert in our communication work, and with a team of two working in tandem the work becomes more agile and efficient. I look forward to complementing Alexandra’s broad, strategic experience with the practical aspects that SwedenBIO’s communication work entail,” says Sebastian Blomstrand.