Ny labb-sponsor hos SmiLe

SmiLe are excited to share that the innovative instrument company Samplix ApS is a new Lab Sponsor. Samplix adds their pioneering Xdrop®, a microfluidics-based instrument to SmiLe’s well-equipped laboratories for drug discovery, which are available to all our member companies and also to external companies through the Open Labs. 

Samplix empowers the life sciences and medical research communities with cutting-edge microfluidics-based solutions in the areas of genomics, cell screening, cell therapy, and molecular engineering workflows. With the addition of Samplix’s Xdrop platform at SmiLe’s labs, we can now offer an even more advanced research environment for drug discovery companies, providing researchers with unparalleled insights into the intricate world of cells and genomes.

The Xdrop platform uses microfluidics technology to encapsulate biomolecules or single cells in double-emulsion droplets, that act as micro-scale incubators and retain excreted molecules. This approach enables a wide range of single-cell functional high-throughput assays and genomic analyses. Compatible with both flow cytometers and sorters, Xdrop offers a versatile solution for molecular analysis.

Samplix is committed to supporting the companies prior to and during their use of the instrument. This includes comprehensive training and ongoing support, as well as assistance with assay development and optimization.

“Sponsoring the SmiLe Incubator is an investment in the future of life science innovation. By providing companies at SmiLe access and support to essential technology such as Samplix’s Xdrop, we are not only fostering the growth of groundbreaking startups but also contributing to a vibrant ecosystem. Together, we are propelling life sciences innovation,” says Bárbara Schlicht, Product manager at Samplix.

“We are very proud to now be able to offer this cutting-edge instrument to the companies. This innovative technology can reveal previously hidden heterogeneity within samples, a feature that is particularly valuable to our ATPM companies,” says Ulrika Ringdahl, COO of SmiLe.

Trine Overgaard Østerbye and Bárbara Schlicht from Samplix, the instrument Xdrop®, Patrick Aldrin-Kirk and Fanny Andersson from SmiLe company rAAVen, and Ulrika Ringdahl from SmiLe