2cureX utnämner Fernando Andreu till ny vd

2cureX meddelar att Fernando Andreu har blivit utnämnd till ny vd med start 1 april 2021. Ole Thastrup som är nuvarande vd kommer att fortsätta som CSO, med ansvar för 2cureX’s kliniska och vetenskapliga aktiviteter.

Fernando Andreu, ny vd på 2curex

2cureX has recently launched the world’s first CE-marked and ISO13485 compliant Functional Precision Medicine test allowing individualization of cancer treatment. Thus, 2cureX is transitioning from being a Research & Development company to become a commercial company with products on the market.

Fernando Andreu is leaving positions as CEO of Indivumed Inc (US) and CBO of Indivumed Group (DE) to join 2cureX. Fernando will provide an important strengthening of the commercial and business development dimension of the company, which is needed to position 2cureX as a world leader in Functional Precision Medicine.

The right time to strengthen the commercial competences

Povl-Andre’ Bendz, Chairman of the Board: “I am very pleased to welcome Fernando Andreu as our new CEO. Fernando brings extensive experience and impressive results from bringing commercial value into early IVD companies and large international diagnostic companies. The successful technical and clinical development of IndiTreat® clearly shows the innovative power of 2cureX and further value creating commercial potentials. I firmly believe that by appointing Fernando we have established a strong position for a product roll-out and development of the company initially in Europe and subsequently to other markets”.